VISITOR's Profile

Industry And Trade:

  • Food Processing Plants
  • Manufactures of Processed and Packaged Foods
  • Potential investors
  • Progressive Farmers
  • Horticulturists and Floriculturists
  • Hotels/Restaurants (including Fast Food Chains)
  • Dealers and Distributers of Food Products
  • Groceries/Kitchen Equipments
  • Farm Contractors
  • Dairy Processors/Manufacturers of Dairy Products
  • Traders, Wholesalers of Food Products
  • Fruits, Vegetables, Pulses, Grain and Farm Products
  • Commodities
  • Agri Engineering Units
  • Universities,Research Institutions and Colleges
  • Scientists
  • Consulates and Diplomats

National And International Retail Chains:

  • Retail Chains-Supermarkets and Small Retail establishments
  • International and Domestic Business Delegations

Agri-Marketing Boards, Agro-Industryies Corporates And Agriculture Department:

  • Retail Chains-Supermarkets and Small Retail establishments
  • Civil Supplies
  • Agri-Financing Corporations
  • Horticulture Department and Related Organizations
  • Animal Husbandry, Fishers Department and Related Organizations
  • Commercial and Registered Breeders
  • Dairy Development and Related Organizations
  • Dairy Co-operatives and Farmers
  • Government (Central,State Government Agencies and Departments)
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